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No meetings at this point. Future meetings to be Advised.

If you would like to see CBAG's original EIS submission - check it all out here.  

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CBAG's Preferred design for Coramba Interchange

Check out how much will be affected by this bypass. You may well hear it from anywhere in Coffs Harbour.

Our Mission Statement

The Coffs Bypass Action Group (CBAG) is a community-based organization whose mission is to:

Ensure the best outcome is achieved for the Coffs Harbour Bypass for the benefit of the community at large.   As a minimum the Bypass should:

1.      Incorporate Tunnels at Roberts Hill, Shepards Lane Hill and Gatelys Road Hill to achieve an acceptable environmental and noise pollution mitigation outcome;

2.      Incorporate noise and pollution considerations to include road surfaces, viaducts and other engineering noise buffering considerations.

We have developed a committee structure which you can see here.

We don't want to delay the bypass, but we do want the best bypass for Coffs Harbour.