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Find everything you need for the EIS on our EIS Submissions Page

The EIS is guided by the Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requirement (SEARS)

Property Acquisition Process

Factsheet - property acquisitions

Construction Issues

Design and Construct contract issues.

 You've all heard the issues of some high rise Sydney Buildings?  Design & Construct.  Read on.

Westconnex Construction Causing Depression.

Gurmesh Singh MP 
Inaugural speech.
We have noted Mr Singh's references to fairness, transparency and good governance and also making decisions based on evidence and science.  This the final paragraph from the speech:
"I will conclude with a final message: The politics I represent is not about left or right, it is about the people of the Coffs Harbour electorate having access to the same services and the same opportunities as someone living elsewhere in the State. I represent opportunity and growth. I represent rewarding those who work hard. I represent helping those in need of extra support. I represent lower taxes, less red tape and fiscal responsibility. I represent affordable, reliable and clean energy. I represent regional New South Wales. I thank the people of Coffs Harbour for trusting me to represent them."

Gurmesh Singh's website

Gurmesh Singh's Facebook Page.

Our letter to Gurmesh re Coramba Interchange June 2019

Summary of Gurmesh's address to our General Meeting 11th July 2019

All statements in Parliament

Gurmesh on Moffee 2MMM - 29th July 2019

Our follow-up email to Gurmesh following his attendance at our meeting on 11th July 2019.  Gurmesh has committed to finding these things out for us all.

From: Coffs Bypass Action Group <>
Date: Thu, Aug 1, 2019 at 5:56 PM
Subject: Follow up of address at General meeting on 11th July 2019
To: Gurmesh Singh <>

Hello Gurmesh,
Once again, thank you for addressing our meeting on 11th July. At that meeting you committed to get back to us on a number of issues arising from questions put to you. We appreciate you must now be very busy, however our next general meeting is scheduled for August 8th and we would like to pass on your answers to at least some of these issues, to our membership then.
If you don’t have time to address them all we would ask that you prioritise those that are highlighted here, namely numbers 3, 4, 5 and 8 and would ask you come back to us with the answers by August 7th so we can then present them on the 8th.
1. To confirm details of the period for EIS comment.
2. What requisitions will need to be completed to allow the project to commence.
3. Check the details for the redesign of standard noise limits that are 10 db lower than that provided in the 2008 noise report.
4. a) To pass on the latest advice from Craig Murray concerning the design of the Coramba Interchange.
(b) To have RMS contact residents closely affected by the Coramba interchange.
5. Take up with the Minister preferred construction method of a “Construct only” contract not “Design and construct” by the contractor.
6. Dangerous goods review
7. Funding – unsure if funding was included in the EIS
8. Noise mitigation prior to work commencing for affected residents.
9. Return meeting with CBAG after the release of the EIS.
We are excited to know we are now close to seeing the EIS and thank you, once again, for fighting for tunnels for this project.
 Best wishes 
Brian Polack
Coffs Bypass Action Group

2019 State Budget Links

NSW Government Released Regional Overview

Coffs Coast Advocate Summary

Pat Conaghan MP for Cowper

Sign up to track Mr Conaghan's speeches here.

Pat Conaghan's website

Pat Conaghan's facebook page


CBAG Noise Management Strategy - March 2019

Supplement to CBAG Noise Management Strategy - March 2019

Noise Maps produced in August 2018 but not officially released. Delivered to us by an admirer with the accompanying letter.  Please note that Minister Pavey had originally told local press that the maps are fake, however they have been confirmed as real, but unofficial by the RMS.

Strategic Noise Assessment for Coffs Bypass 2004 - Wilkinson Murray

Noise pollution damages your health.

Living on a busy street damages your health.

RMS Noise Guidelines

EPA Noise Guidelines for Local Councils

What Wikipedia says about the health effects of noise.

This states, amongst other things, that:  “Environmental noise regulations usually specify a maximum outdoor noise level of 60 to 65 dB(A), while occupational safety organisations recommend that the maximum exposure to noise is 40 hours per week at 85 to 90 dB(A).”

Pacific Highway Upgrade Program

2007 Connell Wagner Appendix D & E showing diagrams tunnels and drainage.

Previous RTA Guidelines . It has a publication date of 2001.'

Viaduct Noise Study

RMS Bypass Information

Community Participation in Assessments of Projects

RMS Coffs Bypass Website

RMS Preferred Concept 2018

RMS Interactive Map and measurement tool
You can use the interactive map to measure distances from the bypass to any location. Just click on the measure tool on the right hand side of the map (it’s the one below the globe). 

RMS Definition of Bypass and links to more information

RMS Coffs Harbour Office

Pacific Highway Upgrade Report Jan - June 2018

Connel Wagner Coffs Harbour Design Report 2008

SEARS Report - outlines EIS

Dangerous Goods Risk Assessment 2004

Strategic & Statutory Issues 2004

Visual Assessment 2004

Sapphire to Woolgoolga Assessment 2003

State Significant Infrastruture application report May 2015

State Significant Infrastructure application Report 2016

Statutory & Strategic Planning Issues Working Paper 2004

Urban & Visual Assessment Inner Corridor 1 - 2004

Urban & Visual Assessment Inner Corridor 2 - 2004

Non-Indigenous Heritage AssessmentDraft Working Paper No7b

Tunnels in Northern NSW

Northern tunnels.


This is a story about a school in London.  We have hospitals and play schools near this bypass.

Coffs Bypass Action Group

PCYC Meeting 11th October 2018 presentation and videos

About Viaducts

Rod McKelvey/Craig Murray viaduct suggestion

Tunnels and Viaduct Alternatives.

Viaduct Noise Study

Hawaii's H3 on O'ahu

Success for other action groups

Community Feedback Success in Sydney

Dangerous Goods.

NatRoads Dangerous Goods

UK manual for tunnel building - all dangerous goods pass through. Though this is a 1999 document you can see it is still in use today here. UK highway standards

Submissions from Previous Consultation Periods

Coffs Bypass Action Network 2005


from Minister Pavey to Dep Premier John Barilalo

Elon Musk - Hmmm

1 Billion Blue Mountains Tunnel